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Date: 30/01/2015 | By: Heather

10 Mirrorless Blogs You Should Follow in 2015


10 Mirrorless Blogs You Should Follow in 2015

I drew up our first mirrorless blog list back in 2013 as a homage to the many great writers I’d come across since starting MirrorLessons, and soon followed it up with a second less a year later. As with any hot topic, it seems that the more popular mirrorless cameras become (especially as viable tools for work) the more interesting blogs sprout up across the Internet.

Recently, a number of really good blogs have come to our attention, so we felt it was due time for the time the third edition of our list. It is an eclectic mix of newcomers and veterans whose reviews and photographs have been inspiring photography lovers for years.

As always, if you know of an interesting blog where mirrorless cameras are a regular topic, drop us a line in the comments section so we and our readers can check it out!

1. Mirrorless Journey

Mirrorless Journey

Mirrorless Journey by Eric Cote is by far our favourite newcomer, although in actual fact he isn’t a stranger to the blogging world at all. Before starting his English mirrorless blog, he would (and still does) write in French about his Lightroom presets and the mirrorless world. A French-Canadian through and through, Eric’s reviews are adorned with images of his beautiful native Quebec and his day-to-day life as a father of three. His reviews, too, are well-written and very personal. You can really tell he loves mirrorless cameras as much as we do, and that he speaks from the heart.

Main topics: Panasonic Lumix, Fujifilm (plans on expanding)

2. Fuji vs. Fuji

fuji vs fuji
Fuji vs. Fuji

If you’re a Fuji user and haven’t yet heard of Fuji vs. Fuji, you must be living under a very large rock! Jokes aside, the founder Donovan Bond has in just over a year and a half created an important reference for the Fujifilm community, featuring dozens of extremely detailed and well-written comparisons between X series cameras and lenses. Whenever I feel the need to check or confirm something about a Fuji camera or lens, Fuji vs. Fuji is the first site I turn to. Donovan is also the co-founder of FujiTuesday, a Fuji meet-up group that holds photo walks nearly every month.

Main topics: Fujifilm

3. The Wandering Lensman

the wandering lensman
The Wandering Lensman

The Wandering Lensman is a blog we only just recently came across. The author, Dennis A. Mook, doesn’t review cameras in the traditional sense. Rather he writes personal essays about how the systems he uses benefit his personal photography while providing tips and tricks along the way. Though he still uses a Nikon D810, he is an owner of both an Olympus E-M1 and Fujifilm X-T1 and frequently writes about both systems.

Main topics: Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm

4. Mirrorless Minutes

mirrorless minutes
Mirrorless Minutes

Mirrorless Minutes is a brand new website that was started up by two popular personalities on the web–Olympus Trailblazer Jamie A. MacDonald and street/urban photographer Mike Boening. Though it is still in its early stages, there are two sections you should definitely check out. The first is their YouTube channel where Jamie and Mike discuss the latest happenings in the mirrorless world with a focus on Olympus. The second is The Bradley Minute where popular photographer Tammy Lee Bradley shares image-rich reviews of the latest mirrorless cameras. So far, she has tried and reviewed the Samsung NX300, Fujifilm X-T1 and Sony A7ii, and continues to expand her reviews to other brands and cameras.

Main topics: Olympus (all mirrorless cameras in The Bradley Minute)

5. Sans Mirror

sans mirror thom hogan
Sans Mirror

Sans Mirror, run by the acclaimed Thom Hogan, is an enlightening mix of camera reviews, tips, advice, frequently asked questions, and in-depth and occasionally controversial opinion pieces. His reviews are enjoyable (though I do feel he could include many more image from his personal collection) but what really draws in readers are his opinion pieces and witty writing style. If you are into good philosophical discussions, Thom is your man.

Main topics: All mirrorless cameras

6. F Stop Lounge – The State of Mirrorless

state of mirrorless
F Stop Lounge – The State of Mirrorless

F Stop Lounge as a website does not limit itself to talking about one type of camera, but they do have a section dedicated specifically to mirrorless cameras called The State of Mirrorless. It is a YouTube channel hosted by Italian landscape photographer Ugo Cei where important personalities in the mirrorless world are interviewed. Just recently, Mathieu joined the team as a co-host alongside Andre Appel. So far, they’ve interview over twelve industry professionals including Gordon Laing of CameraLabs and famous street photographer Thomas Leuthard and Valerie Jardin.

Main topics: All mirrorless cameras

7. Samgold Photos

sam dorado samgold
Samgold Photos

Sam Dorado of Samgold Photos spends most of his life on boats due to working in the offshore industry but that doesn’t stop him from writing wonderful reviews of Micro Four Thirds products. Whereas most gear review website focus on the latest and most powerful gear, Sam takes a different approach; most of his reviews deal with inexpensive, obscure and niche products. He loves to discuss generic focal reducers, macro extension tubes, Lomography lenses, body caps, CCTV lenses, and double exposures, and gets great results with everything he tries. Couple this with his very enjoyable writing style and you have the perfect review blog!

Main topics: Olympus and Panasonic

8. Dan Bailey Photography

dan bailey photo blog
Dan Bailey Photography Blog

Despite being an adventure, action and lifestyle photographer who works in some of the most extreme regions of the globe, Dan Bailey somehow finds time to review his gear as well. Being a Fuji X Photographer, all his reviews revolve around the latest Fuji gear, and he often receives products to test weeks (or even months) before the official release date. His reviews are entertaining because they test the cameras in extreme settings, including cold weather and wet conditions, and show parts of the world most of us will never visit.

Main topics: Fujifilm

9. Eyes Unclouded Photography

eyes unclouded
Eyes Unclouded

Another recent discovery is Vassilios Zacharitsev’s blog Eyes Unclouded where, like Samgold Photos, he discusses unique topics such as using manual lenses, legacy glass and focal reducers on Olympus and Fujifilm cameras. Opinion pieces make up the bulk of his articles, with topics that range from the full-frame debate to switching to a new system. I’ve only just begun reading Vassilios’s work but I like what I’ve seen so far, and I’m sure you will too.

Main topics: Olympus and Fujifilm

10. Eugene Fratkin Photo Blog

eugene fratkin
Eugene Fratkin’s Photo Blog

I find Eugene Fratkin’s photo blog interesting as he has taken many of the “less-popular” mirrorless systems under his wing, such as Sigma, Ricoh and Nikon 1. That said, he talks about pretty much every system except the more recent Micro Four Thirds models and always includes many sample images from his own collection. Once again, this blog is a more recent discovery, so I am keen to see how it develops especially now that he updates it more frequently than before.

Main topics: Sony, Sigma DP, Leica X and T, Nikon 1 and Fujifilm

Which of these mirrorless websites do you already follow? Do you have a site to recommend to our readers?

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About the author: Heather Broster

Heather Broster was born in Canada, has lived in Japan and Italy but currently calls Wales home. She is a full-time gear tester at MirrorLessons. You can follow her on Google+, Twitter or Facebook!

  • PoblaPicossa

    I love also
    The author works for Olympus but the reviews – and the pictures – are really impressive.

  • Peter Cripps

    Nice list and will be following some of those. As an OM-D user I’ve been writing a mirrorless blog for coming up to a couple of years now:

  • Fred

    Very nice list. I knew a few.
    Mine :

  • Mick Servodio

    X-T1 Shooter. I Love my mirrorless kit.

  • Pierre Aden
  • Heather Broster

    Feel free to share a link to your blog here. I’m sure people would be interested in visiting it. :)

  • Mirrorless Journey

    It’s a fun little camera. I will post a small review soon on that one.

  • Pierre Aden

    Nice list, Heather – I will check it out to get some inspiration for my own blog since I am also writing about my experiences with mirrorless camera gear

  • Heather Broster

    This is a great idea for a site. It would be nice if there were some words or a story to accompany each photo as well (perhaps in the Fuji Friday section). Are you planning to expand?

  • Heather Broster

    Will do, Joe. Thanks for sharing!

  • Heather Broster

    We love your work, Eric, so it was the least we could do. How are you getting on with the GM1?

  • Heather Broster

    You’re welcome, Jonas. I think you’ll really grow to enjoy Donovan’s site. He’s a good guy, too!

  • Brandy

    Great list!! I recommend as well. It’s a collaboration blog of Fuji mirrorless shooters with a showcase of Fuji images posted every Friday.

  • Joe Turic

    Great list Heather! I already follow a couple of these and will be sure to check the others out. I have a blog called where I give tips and tutorials, reviews and a bit of how I use my camera in the field, all revolving around micro four thirds. Make sure to give it a click!

  • Mirrorless Journey

    Thank you Heather! I’m flattered to be there :)

  • Jonas N

    Wow, I follow some blogs but not those. In fact, as a Fujifilm user for a few years now, I hadn’t seen Fuji vs. Fuji besides perhaps as it passed by in some link. I clearly do not understand quite what I am doing. 😀 Thanks for the long list of suggestions!

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