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Date: 11/12/2015 | By: Heather

The Slide redesigned for mirrorless – Peak Design Slide Lite Review

peak design slide lite review

The Slide redesigned for mirrorless – Peak Design Slide Lite Review

If I’ve come to realise one thing about camera straps since starting this website, it is that choosing the most suitable strap ultimately depends on where, how and with what you are shooting.

Imagine you are walking through a chic part of London, ready to do some discreet street photography with your Fujifilm X100T. Considering the classy location, the stylish appearance of the camera and the genre, my first instinct would be to recommend an attractive and comfortable leather wrist strap.

The same would not apply to a long and arduous trek through the Welsh hills with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and a bag of 2-3 primes. In this case, I’d immediately recommend a shoulder strap over a wrist strap – something more rugged and practical.

In this review, we’ll be talking about a strap that falls into the “practical” category – the new Slide Lite from Peak Design, dubbed the “finest mirrorless camera strap” on the market.

peak design slide lite vs slide
The Slide Lite (top) beside the original Slide (bottom)

In many ways, it is identical to the original Slide (see our review here). It has been fashioned from extremely durable seatbelt-like material that is both easy to clean and adjust thanks in part to the aluminium quick-adjusters. It is 100% compatible with Peak Design’s proprietary Anchor Link system. And it can be used as a neck strap, shoulder strap or sling strap depending on the length you choose and how you connect the anchor links to the camera.

Of all the straps we’ve tried, the Slide series is by far one of the most comfortable and convenient for long outings during which you might want to remove the strap or attach it to another body.

Now that we’ve established the basics, let’s have a closer look at the strap that is already proving to be one of Peak Design’s most desirable products.

As I mentioned above, the Slide Lite, like other products in the Peak Design line-up, has been designed to work with the anchor link system. It is perhaps the most original way of attaching and removing a camera strap ever invented.

To use the strap, simply attach the anchors to either:

  • the two lugs on either side your camera, or
  • one lug and the tripod mount using the provided standard arca plate

From there, you can latch the anchors onto the quick connectors on either end of the Slide Lite and modify the length of the strap by pulling on the quick-adjusters. All this takes mere seconds to perform.

slide lite review
An Anchor attached to one of the quick connectors

I should mention at this point that the anchors in the Slide Lite kit are made from newly-upgraded 3-layer Dyneema cord, which is abrasion resistant and can hold up to 90kg in weight. Unlike the original “Kelvar” anchors provided with Peak Design’s first generation products, you can tell when the new Dyneema anchor is beginning to wear out because the colourful layers (yellow and red) under the black outer layer will begin to appear.

Yellow means that you should be thinking about changing the anchor, whereas Red means it is no longer useable.

The good news is that anchors tend to last quite a long time; in fact, all the ones we own, both old and new, have yet to wear out even though we’ve been using Peak Design products for well over a year.

slide lite
The old Kelvar anchor link (left) and the new Dyneema anchor link (right)

The aluminium adjusters have been updated so that they are more robust and firmly click into place. This means that the weight of the camera pulling down on strap won’t cause it to extend. On the original Slide, we’ve found that the length of the strap will gradually extend over the course of a day because the adjusters aren’t quite tight enough. It isn’t a big deal but it does mean that you occasionally have to re-adjust the length to fit your height.

peak design slide lite review
The aluminium adjuster of the Slide Lite (left) and the original Slide adjuster (right)

Since the Slide Lite is meant for mirrorless cameras, it has been slimmed down from 45mm (the width of the original Slide) to 32mm. Although I love the original Slide and often use it with our larger mirrorless bodies, I’ve always felt that its width was better suited to DSLR bodies, so it is great to see that they’ve made this improvement.

peak design slide lite review
The Slide Lite is slimmer than the Slide by 13mm

Another small update has also been made to the quick connectors at the end of the strap. They are a little wider and appear slightly more robust than those on the original Slide but otherwise, there isn’t a big difference between the two. Honestly speaking, I feel the design of the larger connector would suit the original Slide better, whereas the slimmer connector would be a better fit for the Lite version.

peak design slide lite review
The original Slide quick connector (top) versus the Slide Lite quick connector (bottom)

Recently, Peak Design released the original Slide in two addition colours (orange and blue) so I was surprised to learn that the Slide Lite is only available in black. However, this may be because they are testing the popularity of the product before they increase the colour range.

In the Slide Lite package, you receive everything you need to get you started: the Slide strap itself, the standard arca plate and four anchors. If you have two or more camera bodies, you may want to attach the anchors to both cameras so that you can easily switch between them. Otherwise, you can save the two extra anchors until the first two wear out. (Just be sure not to misplace the spare anchors, as they last a long time!)

peak design slide lite review
The full Slide Lite kit

The Slide Lite is also slightly less expensive than the Slide, priced at $49 instead of $59 on the official Peak Design website. It isn’t the cheapest strap on the market but it is certainly one the best in terms of practicality and robustness.

thumb-up What I like about the Peak Design Slide Lite 

  • The reduced width of the strap suits mirrorless cameras well
  • Just as robust, easy to clean and practical as the original Slide
  • Utilises the incredibly straightforward Anchor Link system found on all Peak Design products
  • The Anchors have been made more robust
  • The adjusters have been made more robust and now emit a decisive “click” when locked in place
  • Can be used as a shoulder, neck or sling strap

thumb-down What I don’t like about the Peak Design Slide Lite

  • The quick-connector of the original Slide would suit the Slide Lite better, and vice versa
  • More colour choice would be nice
  • A little on the expensive side (but worth the investment)


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About the author: Heather Broster

Heather Broster was born in Canada, has lived in Japan and Italy but currently calls Wales home. She is a full-time gear tester at MirrorLessons. You can follow her on Google+, Twitter or Facebook!

  • Robert-Paul Jansen

    Just got the SlideLite after reading this review, thanks for your constant info! First impressions are really good, I can finally have faith in my strap. Thanks!

  • Scott Henderson

    … I’m subscribed now!

  • Heather Broster

    Absolutely. It’s a good fit for any mirrorless system, while the Slide is better suited to DSLRs. I don’t know if you’ve signed up for our newsletter but you might want to if you plan on buying directly from the PD website. 😉

  • Scott Henderson

    I recently bought the Capture Clip and ditched the strap that came with my EM-1, but this product might be a good fit for those times that I need a strap. Do you think this is sufficient for the EM1 w/heavier lenses like the 40-150 f/2.8 or 7-14 f/2.8?

  • Heather Broster

    So glad it worked out for you, Bobby! Enjoy :)

  • zensu

    Thanks for the great review! I bought the Slide Lite after reading your review and I’m so glad I did. It’s the perfect size for any of the configurations you may choose, over the neck, on the shoulder, and as a sling (my preference). Top quality construction and the quick connector works great with my arthritic hands. I carry the E-M1 with battery grip and E-P5 with a variety of lens sizes. It works for me. Thanks Heather.

  • Heather Broster

    Great! It’s always nice when Christmas comes early, isn’t it? 😉

  • Bob B.

    Bought one! Perfect size/support for my OMD’s. May get another for when I am out with two bodies.
    Like the NEW buckle tension and better security on the lines for the read buttons. I think I will swap out the new buttons to my 5DIII and feel even safer. Thanks again for the review!

  • Steve M

    Thanks! The only downside is I like to have everything ready to go when I pull a camera out of the bag. Having to attach the strap slows it down…but is still manageable. I may just tape up the back side with gaffers tape.

  • Heather Broster

    Hi Steve,
    I’ve never had any problem with the connectors scratching my cameras but I do often remove the strap and place it in a side pocket when I store my gear inside my bag.
    Hope this helps!

  • Steve M

    Hi Heather. I read your previous Slide reviews and recently bought the Slide Lite. I love the ease with which you can switch between full and hand straps. I have one concern after trying the slide on my m4/3 cameras (GX8 and EM1). The back of the connector is a very hard plastic and in the middle, is metal. I’m worried that it will scrape against the camera body. Not while it’s hanging from my shoulder/neck but in a bag or taking it out of the bag. Have you had any problem with the connectors scratching any of your camera bodies?

    Thanks, Steve

  • Heather Broster

    Yes, it is a true happy medium between the Leash and the Slide. I think it would be a good fit for any mirrorless camera (except the very small ones), with or without the battery grip. Glad the review was helpful!

  • Bob B.

    WOW!… I was an early supporter of Slide…got in on the original Kickstarter campaign on Peak’s first products and definitely cashed in on the Slide campaign. I own two Slides, ..which I use for both my DSLR and my E-M1 and my E-M5 Mark II. I also own a leash…(which I do not use much because it is just a little too lightweight). Somehow I missed this, the Slide LIte. This appears to me the PERFECT strap for many mirrorless cameras. Supportive, but secure and not overkill. I can see that I will be owning one of these to use on my mirrorless cameras without the battery grips, (and possibly even with the battery grips attached). Looks like a winner for this segment of the market ..and the coolest thing is that since I have the “red buttons” on all of my cameras (other than my PEN)…Slide and Slide LIte will be totally interchangeable at will depending on how i have my OMD’s configured.
    Great review!!!!

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