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If you are new to MirrorLessons or need a helping hand to guide you around the site, you’ve come to the right place.

MirrorLessons had its humble beginning on January 1st 2013. While everyone else was clinking champagne glasses to ring in the New Year, the website’s founders Mathieu and Heather (that’s us!) were scurrying to put the finishing touches on what would become their first project ever built together. Despite being a relatively young site in Internet terms, it has grown to become both an important reference and a community for mirrorless users all over the world.

Why mirrorless cameras, you might ask?

Well, you can read the long explanation here, but in short, we wholeheartedly believe in the potential of mirrorless cameras as a hobbyist, enthusiast or even professional tool.

It all started when Mathieu picked up a second-hand Olympus OM-D E-M5 at our local camera store. Though he had been using a Nikon D90 and D700 for all of his professional photography at the time, the compact build and technologically advanced features of the E-M5 intrigued him.

It wasn’t long before he began using the E-M5 for weddings, events and reportage, a move which was soon followed up by the acquisition of a Fujifilm X100s for the more candid side of his photography, and a Lumix GH3 for his video work. The rest, as the old saying goes, is history.

Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to reviewing as many of the newest mirrorless cameras as possible.

Our reviews are anything but technical: rather, we prefer to focus on the result, the beautiful imagery these small machines can produce when pushed to the limit.

One series of which we’ve come to be proud is called Mirrorless on the Job. In this series, Mathieu explains the advantages and disadvantages of working with these cameras in a professional setting, using his own experiences as a springboard.

The desire to get to know other professionals who have made the same “switch” eventually culminated in an offshoot series of 100 interviews with professionals who use mirrorless cameras for work. You’ll also find guest posts by professionals who use mirrorless cameras for work.

Not only has the series has been a source of inspiration for those who already use a mirrorless camera professionally, but also for those interested in making the switch.

Another important section of the website is called Best Of, where you will find a handful of useful buying guides listing our favourite cameras, lenses, accessories, bags and more.

When mirrorless cameras first made their appearance, there were only a few models to choose from but now that most camera brands have jumped on the bandwagon, it is easy to get lost in the sea of choice available. Our hope is that these buying guides can help you make the right one.

We have also created a useful Mirrorless List which, as the name suggests, details every mirrorless camera currently in existence.

As we mentioned above, MirrorLessons is first and foremost a community for mirrorless photographers, which is why we always encourage sharing and interaction on all our social networks.

Last but not least, MirrorLessons is now more than just one website. More specifically, it is a family of three websites with the other two being:

  • Mirrorless Curation: a complementary blog where we curate relevant news and articles about mirrorless cameras we find on the web
  • Mirrorless Comparison: the old comparison section of MirrorLessons has been upgraded to a new platform where you will find more content than ever before.

You can keep up with our posts on our Facebook page, chat with us on Twitter  and share your work with us in our popular Google+ Community.

If you like videos, we have working hard to expand our Youtube channel. You will find in-depth reviews, comparisons and sample footage shot with the products we test. Make sure to subscribe to follow our latest videos.

And of course you’re also welcome to leave comments for us and other members in the comments section of each blog post! We value your feedback and love seeing your work, so make yourself heard!

Have any questions for us? Have a great suggestion that will help make MirrorLessons better? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at!

– Mathieu & Heather (The MirrorLessons Team)

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