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Date: 03/03/2015 | By: Heather

Our 10 Favourite Fujifilm X100T Accessories

best fuji x100t accessories

Our 10 Favourite Fujifilm X100T Accessories

There are few mirrorless cameras photographers enjoy accessorising more than the X100 series and the latest iteration, the X100T, is no exception. The camera’s fetching design summons up fond memories of the days of film, compelling its owners to adorn it with products that emphasise its beauty and render it as functional as possible. And with so many native and third-party add-ons to choose from, it is also a very easy camera to accessorise.

Below you’ll find a mix of ten Fuji X100T accessories Mathieu and I have tried ourselves and found both useful and aesthetically appealing. Some we’d already used with its predecessor, the X100s, while others we began using with the X100T. We hope you find them useful as well!

1. Expert Shield Screen Protector for X100T

The Expert Shield packages
The Expert Shield packages

If you care about keeping your Fujifilm X100T’s LCD screen in pristine condition, we cannot recommend the Expert Shield highly enough. We tried it a year and a half ago on our Fujifilm X100s, and found that it lived up to the various promises made by the company.

Expert Shield is a company dedicated to producing quality screen protectors for cameras and smartphones. They are made of highly resistant, optically clear material that lasts long and protects your screen from even the nastiest of bumps and scratches. (It even passed the “Belt Sander” test as you can see on their website!) They do not produce bubbles under the surface if applied correctly, and do not use glues or adhesives which could leave residue on the LCD. What’s more, the screen protector is pre-cut to fit your specific model of camera so you don’t have to worry about the edges of your LCD being exposed.

Finally, and most importantly, Expert Shield understands customer service. Should you have any problems with your screen protector, they will replace your product and even pay the return postage.

Check price on the official Expert Shield website

2. LEE Filters Adapter Ring for X100 Series

fuji x100t accessories
The LEE filter holder with the X100 adaptor

Mathieu and I are both fans of long exposure photography, so the LEE Filter Adapter Ring for the X100 series was a no-brainer for our collection.

The sturdy aluminium adapter has been designed especially for the X100/s/t series. To attach it, simply remove the thread cover off the front of the lens and screw the adapter onto the filter thread. Then, all you have to do is clip the LEE filter holder onto the adapter along with your filter of choice and start shooting.

If you want to see some great long exposure work done with the LEE Filters and the X100s, be sure to check out FlixelPix’s blog post on the subject.

3. PhotoMADD X100T Grip and Arca-Swiss Plate

fuji x100t accessories
The PhotoMADD X100T Grip and Arca-Swiss Plate

The X100 series has been designed to be as compact and streamlined as possible, which is an advantage from a portability standpoint but also a handicap due to the almost non-existent and rather slippery grip.

Those who want a better hold on the camera may want to consider PhotoMADD’s grip for the X100T. It is made of solid lightweight aluminium that splits into three pieces: the base plate, vertical L-plate and main grip. Unlike other grips, it does not block access to any of the most important ports or functions, including the battery door, SD card door or connectors. It is compatible with standard Arca-Swiss tripod heads and can attach either horizontally or vertically.

When I’m using the PhotoMADD grip, I have little fear of dropping the camera as my hold on the body is so secure. I was initially afraid that I’d notice the difference in weight but at a mere 125g, it is hardly perceivable. For casual hand-held shooting, I’ve found that removing the vertical L-plate is the best way of keeping the camera relatively compact.

This is a great product to own if you have big hands or feel the grip of the X100T isn’t enough for your needs.

For more detailed information about the PhotoMADD grip for the X100 series, check out our dedicated review.

4. Lensmate X100T Thumb Grip

lensmate thumb grip x100t
Lensmate X100T Thumb Grip

We own the Lensmate thumb grip for both the X-T1 (see review) and X100T and find it a very useful addition for those who want that extra bit of stability when shooting.

The thumb grip is both comfortable and solid thanks to its high-quality aircraft aluminium build. Having been designed specifically for the X100T, it does not obstruct access to any of the controls, buttons and dials. Even unintentional ejection from the hot shoe is impossible due to the resistance created by a hidden silicone insert.

It is a little costly but it is the price you pay for a quality product. The only downside is that you cannot use any other accessories with the hot shoe if you have the thumb grip attached. It is also a good alternative to the PhotoMADD grip if you are looking for something a little less substantial.

5. X100 Teleconverter / Wide-Angle Converter

If all you own is the X100T (or the X100 or X100S for that matter), you may sometimes feel limited by the 35mm equivalent lens. Some shots require a slightly wider or longer focal length, and that’s where the X100 Teleconverter (TCL-X100) and Wide-Angle Converter (WCL-X100) come in handy. They essentially turn your X100T into a pseudo-interchangeable lens system.


The WCL-X100 will give you an equivalent focal length of 28mm whereas the TCL-X100 will turn the lens into a 50mm equivalent. Both converters are as optically impressive as the camera to which they attach, though they do add some bulk. To attach them, it is simply a matter of screwing them onto the filter thread.

Fuji x100t accessories tcl-x100

Between the two, the TCL-X100 is the converter with more flaws in its physical design. Unlike the WCL-X100, it has a funnel shape and no lens hood mount. The front element is also very close to the surface, making it vulnerable to bumps and scratches. To protect the lens, it is best to purchase a 68mm UV filter.

6. Lensmate Soft Release Button

x100t soft button
Lensmate X100T Soft Button

Not only does Lensmate make excellent grips for X series cameras but they also produce fashionable soft buttons for cameras with threaded shutter releases. We were sent two for testing, the Brass Lizard and Red Bird, and found they improved our grip on the shutter button thanks to its large surface and elevated position. The buttons are beautifully made and come in a variety of designs and colours.

7. GorillaPod

gorillapod x100t
Camera or monster? You decide! ;-)

I couldn’t help but laugh when my father took one look at the X100T perched upon our GorillaPod and exclaimed that it looked like a monster. Looks aside, there is no question that the GorilliaPod by Joby is useful tripod to have with you when carrying a large tripod simply isn’t practical.

The GorillaPod is a super flexible and lightweight tripod that has been designed for cameras that weigh up to 6.6 pounds. (The X100T weighs 0.97 pounds with the battery and memory card included, so you needn’t worry about the added weight of filters or other accessories.) It features a standard universal 1/4-20 screw that will attach to the X100T’s tripod mount, and an innovative segmented leg design that allows it to latch onto a variety of surfaces. Its legs don’t extend so you’ll have to find raised surfaces (tree branches, fences, railings, etc.) to take shots from a high angle. From long exposure photography to macro work, there are endless applications for this tripod when combined with a camera like the X100T.

8. Cosyspeed Camslinger 160 Street Edition

cosyspeed bags
Cosyspeed Camslinger 160 Street Edition

We’ve mentioned Cosyspeed Bags over and over again in our reviews and for good reason–they are the most practical bags for street photography we’ve ever used.

For those new to our site, Cosyspeed Bags are camera bags that have been sewn to an adjustable belt that goes around your waist. The bag itself is composed of two parts that are securely linked with velcro and can be adjusted in size according to the amount of gear you’re carrying. Embodying a minimalistic and discreet design, these bags are perfect for street cameras like the X100 series.

Though we own the original Camslinger 160 and 105, we’d recommend the recently-released 160 Street Edition, which comes in pure black and features some improvements over previous models such as better side flaps and extra velcro for smaller waists.

9. Nucis Leather Wrist Strap

fujifilm x100t accessories
The Nucis Leather Wrist Strap

The Nucis leather wrist strap is a camera strap that recently came into our possession courtesy of PhotoMADD. Though we personally tend to use the DeadCamera wrist strap, the Nucis is becoming a fast favourite for use on our rangefinder style cameras. It is made of a soft, lightweight and attractive leather that is both resistant and very comfortable to have around your wrist for long periods of time. It features fashionable vintage stitching and a sturdy leather O-ring that lets you adjust the size of the strap. You also receive a protective leather disc that you can attach to the lug of the X100T, protecting the camera from scratches. It comes in three different colours: black, chocolate brown and hazelnut brown.

10. JJC LH-JX100 Lens Adapter and Hood

x100t lens hood
LH-JX100 lens hood for the X100 series

Why would you pay nearly $100 for the official Fujifilm lens hood when you could spend a fraction of the price on the JJC LH-JX100 lens adapter and hood? The kit comes with a simple metal adapter to which you can attach 49mm filters and a solid metal lens hood that will protect your X100T’s lens from accidental bumps and scratches. Not only is the quality excellent but it looks like it is part of the camera. The only downside is that you cannot attach the lens cap when using the LH-JX100, so it is simply a matter of using it when you are out and actively shooting. It comes in both black and silver.

BONUS: Extra Batteries

E-M1, 1/25, f/ 56/10, ISO 200
Extra batteries for the X100T are a must

We say this in every accessory article that deals with Fujifilm cameras: go and get yourself some extra batteries! Even the latest Fujifilm models consume battery life like a kid in a room-full of candy.

We personally own a mix of official Fujifilm batteries and third-party Patona batteries and we’ve never had any issues with either.

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About the author: Heather Broster

Heather Broster was born in Canada, has lived in Japan and Italy but currently calls Wales home. She is a full-time gear tester at MirrorLessons. You can follow her on Google+, Twitter or Facebook!

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