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Date: 01/07/2016 | By: Heather

Panasonic Leica 12mm f/1.4 Sample Images and First Impressions

pana leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images

Panasonic Leica 12mm f/1.4 Sample Images and First Impressions

The very first mirrorless lens we ever bought was the M.Zuiko 12mm f/2 for our Olympus OM-D E-M5 and for the longest time, it was the only lens we owned for the system. Though we’ve since sold it and the E-M5 to fund other gear, it is still one of our favourite primes because of its excellent optical quality and versatile focal length, which equates to 24mm in full-frame terms.

Update: our 12mm f/1.4 complete review is now online!

Today, Micro Four Thirds users have not one but two 12mm autofocus options to choose between. The new 12mm f/1.4, which arrived on our doorstep a couple of days ago for testing, is the Panasonic’s latest premium lens produced in collaboration with Leica and, without going too in-depth, I can confirm that it is everything you’d expect from a Pana-Leica product: excellent sharpness across the frame even at the fastest aperture, great micro-contrast, fast and silent autofocus, and top-of-the-line build quality.

We should have the full review of this lens up in a couple of weeks but in the meantime, we invite you to look at our first set of sample images to get a sense of how the 12mm performs. All the images were taken at three of our local attractions, the Talyllyn Railway, Dolgoch Falls and Tywyn Beach. Click on any of them to see a full resolution version!

Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 1/320, f/2, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
One of the conductors gives us a friendly wave as we travel from Dolgoch Falls to Tywyn on the Talyllyn Railway.
Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 1/40, f/1.4, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
The riverside walk at Dolgoch Falls is littered with small, dark caves such as this one. Mathieu was a little too tall to fit inside!
Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 1/640, f/1.4, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
You can focus as close as 20cm with the Pana-Leica 12mm, making it possible to render a blurry background as long as you use the fastest apertures.
Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 0.5s, f/11, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
Even on a sunny day, the thick canopy stops the sun’s rays from filtering down to the ancient forest. Despite not having our LEE ND filter with me, I was able to take a few long-ish exposures of the rapids.
Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 1/8, f/11, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 0.4s, f/8, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
One of the prettiest waterfalls at Dolgoch (pictured above) is also one of the least dramatic. It lies beside a bridge that takes you to the heart of the forest.
Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 1/60, f/1.4, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
Here is another example of how you can achieve a shallow depth of field with this lens by using the fastest aperture and focusing close.
Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 1/800, f/5.6, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
During the summer months in Wales, you’ll find many people walking their dogs along the prom.
Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 1/800, f/8, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
However you aren’t allowed to take your dog on the beach at certain times of the year.
Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4 sample images
GX80, 1/2000, f/5.6, ISO 200 – Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4
Beautiful Tywyn Beach gleaming in the later afternoon sunshine after a day of heavy rain.

Are you interested in the Pana-Leica 12mm f/1.4? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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About the author: Heather Broster

Heather Broster was born in Canada, has lived in Japan and Italy but currently calls Wales home. She is a full-time gear tester at MirrorLessons. You can follow her on Google+, Twitter or Facebook!

  • Heather Broster

    If you already have the Olympus, I agree that it makes little sense to consider the Pana-Leica. The temptation is that fast aperture but in the end, f/2 is fast enough for most occasions.

  • Heather Broster

    It is fun but yes, there’s no question that it is an investment to put it kindly.

  • Heather Broster

    Tall enough that I function as an armrest! :) He’s about 6’2.

  • Heather Broster

    Thank you!

  • Jørgen

    Glad I have the 12-35 m f2.8. Just 100 euro or so more expensive than that Oly. weathersealed, stabilised and much more usefull given it is zoomrange. F2.8 vs F2.0 is just a stop.
    And if I want something that is stellar that gets me snobbing rights. again weathersealing and two stops better than my Panny I can get the panaleica.
    Good to have choice. You are happy wit the Oly and others are happy with something really different. Inlike those 1.7/1.8 duplicates.

  • Orange

    Great photos!

  • http://www.WeddingEtCetera.Com/ Pier-Yves Menkhoff

    I am pretty disappointed by the Panasonic 12mm. Not by its possible performances.
    I am disappointed by its category and its price. Very TOO expensive in comparison of the Olympus 12mm F/2.0 and for a Wide angle. I do not believe in a big difference for wide landscape shots. The mini details are less visible over a 12 mm than on a 45 or a 60 mm.
    I thought we will have a 12 mm in the category of the Panasonic Leica 15 mm F/1.7 with ± the same price.
    With a 1 350 € lens in France, I keep my Olympus 12 mm F/2.0. I refuse to pay an extra 700 € for the snobbery of owning a pseudo Leica nickname.

  • zensu

    I look forward to your reviews because you always include such great photos, including in this preview. May I ask a Personal question? How tall is Mathieu?

  • HammeredToast

    I mean, yeah, everywhere I’ve looked, it looks great, but I can’t afford this right now. I finally bought the 20mm a couple months back, and, well, I’m sure the Leica is fun.

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